Microsoft Office Skills Tests

Most office positions require the use of Microsoft  Office.  A candidate’s idea of their proficiency level and your idea are usually two different things.  Have you ever heard “I’m an expert” only to find out that they don’t understand the difference between “Save” and “Save As”.   Our MS Office tests can help you identify your candidate’s skill level.  With simulation tests the candidate must perform specific tasks to answer each question.  When you receive the score report you’ll know the candidate’s strength and weaknesses in order to make the best hiring decision.

There are 3 versions of each test to choose from: Basic, Standard and Advanced.  We also offer Custom Tests.  If you need something specific, we can help!

  • Basic: Consists of 30 to 35 test questions that cover beginner level questions only. Saving, Printing, Copying, Pasting, Bolding, etc
  • Standard & Intermediate (2013 & 2016): The standard and intermediate test is our most popular version. It consists of 30 to 35 questions that cover beginner, intermediate and advanced level questions all in one test. It’s designed to show you their depth of knowledge within that application. The easy to read report will show you how well they did at each level.
  • Advanced: Consists of 30 to 35 test questions that cover advanced level questions only. This is a great test to use if you need an employee with high level skills. Macros, Formulas, Tables, etc.
  • See a Sample Score Report