Behavioral and Cognitive Test Details

Total Testing now offers two lines of behavioral and cognitive tests. Our new “Elite Profiles” by PsyMetrics have been pre-assembled and designed to meet the needs of most industry specific jobs, or you can “mix and match” from a comprehensive library of short behavioral scales and skills tests to create a truly customized solution specific to each organization or job’s unique requirements.

This “custom” approach to talent assessment ensures organizations are only testing for those behaviors and skills that are relevant to the job, therefore increasing validity while at the same time reducing administration time significantly. A listing of the “Pre-Assembled Elite Profiles” are listed below. If you are interested in customizing a test to include scales that are specific to your requirements, please contact us for additional information. The new Elite Profile tests require a separate account (no charge to set up this account) and the pricing per test remains the same. Ask us for details.