Behavioral Testing

In today’s tough work environment it’s important to know if your employees can keep a cool head, if they have innate leadership qualities, and if their attitude will benefit or hurt the business.

Everyone has different personalities and brings something different to the work environment. Difficult personality characteristics, low skill level and issues with integrity may not surface until you have made a costly hiring decision. By the time you realize you’ve made a mistake you’ve lost valuable time, money and productivity, and you’ll be faced with potential damage done to your organization, an emotional strain and blow to morale, and perhaps even legal ramifications associated with terminating a bad hire. You’ll also have to start all over again with recruiting, interviewing and training.

Our behavior testing now include a series of “Elite Profiles” tests by PsyMetrics, which have been pre-assembled and designed to meet the needs of most industry specific jobs:

Elite Profile Tests

Positive Attitude Profile

The Positive Attitude Profile was developed to help organizations identify individuals who possess behavioral characteristics associated with a positive disposition.

THINK Cognitive Series

The THiNK Cognitive Series consists of brief tests that measure unique problem solving skills and general intelligence.

Elite Grit Profile

The Elite Grit Profile is a general indicator of an individual’s ability to work hard, stay focused and reach goals when faced with setbacks and interference.

Human Resource Testing Library (HRTL)

Hire peak performers with pre-assembled industry-specific assessments or create your own based on exact job requirements.

Sales Hunter Profile

The Sales Hunter Profile is an general indicator of drive, sociability, confidence and assertiveness; characteristics proven to indicate top sales and management performance.

Elite Intellect Profile

Elite Intellect Profile helps to identify those candidates who possess the mental ability to effectively problem solve and quickly grasp new concepts and strategies.

Situational Judgment Test

Situational Judgment Tests present typical situations one might encounter on-the-job, and is designed to measure job-specific problem solving skills and judgment.

OCEAN Profile

The OCEAN Profile quickly identifies five key personality dimensions. The Profile scores can then be compared to specific job attributes to ensure the best person/job fit.

Mechanical Aptitude Test

The Mechanical Aptitude Test provides a valid, reliable and objective measure of an individual’s knowledge of general mechanical concepts.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Profile

The EQ Profile quickly and reliably identifies those who possess self and social awareness, and self and relationship management.

Workplace Aptitude Test

The Workplace Aptitude Test identifies individuals who are quick learners, logical thinkers, self-reliant, and problems solvers.

Quick Screen

Quick Screen is a streamlined assessment for when time is limited. It assesses your candidates smarts, drive, and work ethic in less than 10 minutes.

Elite Integrity Profile

Elite Integrity Profile helps to identify individuals who might be counterproductive or a potential risk to themselves or others.

C5 Elite Profile Testing

The C5 Elite line of assessments identifies those individuals who have the “elite athlete mentality,” i.e., the mental toughness and winning attitude it takes to succeed.

Career Success Predictor

The Career Success Predictor determines how well one’s interests align with six work environments (Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional).

Wouldn’t it be worth investing just a fraction of the potential cost associated with hiring the wrong candidate, to avoid this situation and have confidence in your decision?

  • Easily screen and compare candidates
  • Assess cognitive ability, motivation and personality
  • Obtain detailed, easy-to-understand reports and results
  • Hire the best candidates in less time
  • Customize to fit your specific needs